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Heart meets head.

With employer branding that fits your company exactly, you can easily attract the desired candidates instead of having to struggle for them. We will work with you to find out what you stand for as an employer and a company; help you position yourself in accordance with your target group, sector, and region; and develop the right HR marketing strategy for you.
Our work for you continues along the entire candidate journey with the conception and implementation of all online and offline communication tools – from the first touch point to internal employee communications. Always with the aim of optimally using the limited human and financial resources available in your company – to inspire your candidates and retain them for a long time.

Our range of services

Employer Branding

  • Forms the basis for developing a positive employer identity
  • At the analysis stage, it systematically captures and combines the perspectives of management, employees and external target groups
  • Identifies potential for differentiation from competitors
  • Condenses all insights to an attractiveness core – the Employer Value Proposition

HR Marketing

  • Ensures that a positive employer identity is established in the minds and hearts of both internal and external target groups
  • Translates the core attractiveness into a creative concept, communication strategy and target group-specific core messages
  • Ensures the operative use of appropriate means, media and measures throughout the employer brand cycle
  • … for example, internal and external communication, university marketing, social media, recruiting and image films, job advertisements or the entire ad management

Retention Marketing

  • Is the ongoing task of maintaining and strengthening the positive employer identity
  • Focuses consistently on optimization potentials in the actual work environment
  • Creates (new) evidence for communicated employer promises or for promises to be communicated

Average ideas often come with ease. For good ones, you will have to fight.

The job market is a me-too market. Let us find out together what exactly defines you as a company. This is the basis for an authentic and sustainable employer brand, which is strong enough to weather all trends and changes in the market. We are happy to assist you with the following services:

EVP Development

When searching for a new employer, candidates typically ask themselves four questions about a company: Where will I work? What am I going to be doing there? How does that feel? And what will I get in return?
We help you find the answers to these questions and develop a central employer promise. Instruments for this include, for example, the screening of existing material, a joint EPP workshop or the conducting of target group analyses, telephone interviews, and focus groups. After evaluating, comparing, and summarizing the results; we will develop your EPP content, provide a detailed description of it, and document it accordingly. In addition, we work with you to determine the core messages for your target groups.

HR Marketing Strategy

Based on your positioning as an employer and your target and budgetary requirements, we work with you to develop a basic communication strategy that can be used for the years to come. We are also at your side when it comes to media planning tailored to your target groups and the switching of the individual media.

Creative Concepts & HR Communication

A creative central theme conveys your position and strategy through image and language. We formulate your communications based on this theme. From online and print job ads, flyers and brochures, HR image ads on your careers website, online banners, and social media profiles to the equipment for recruiting fairs, radio ads, and recruiting videos – we make your employer brand visible and bring it to life. We don’t just dig deep; we “build up” your presence as an employer, exactly as you need it to be: individual, goal-oriented, and brave.

Target group, Training, and University Marketing

Every target group is different. Accordingly, we tailor media and messages precisely. Whether educational and university marketing or professional marketing for another popular target group of experienced professionals, such as IT experts, engineers, technical specialists, or service technicians: We ensure that your brand reaches desired candidates as intended.

Candidate Journey

The best marketing is of no use if it is too short. For many, the communication stops with the job posting. But at this point, another important phase in the candidate acquisition process begins: the application process, during which it is also very important to make your brand come alive. For example, with brand-appropriate responses in correspondences with the applicant, such as a reply letter, an invitation to a job  interview, etc.. We continue to keep this brand experience alive even after hiring: With appropriate onboarding measures and continuous brand-appropriate internal employer communications.

Controlling & Guidelines

The brand is offered continued life through the ongoing review of the goals achieved and through its consistently uniform design and implementation. This will help your company be recognized more quickly. We will create manuals and style guides for you, in which the individual elements of the brand identity are described and strict design guidelines are defined. So that this new brand presence can also unfold its great power internally, we also have plenty of ideas on how you can communicate your employer brand in your internal communications. To turn your employees into brand ambassadors.

How can we help you?

Employer brand management with milch & zucker

Together with you, we will make cause and effect relationships in the field of “Searching for, finding and retaining employees” visible. We make sure the individual fields work together successfully, enable you to specifically measure performance and provide a purposeful focus for your employer marketing activities. Data sheet: Employer Branding (2.6 MB)
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