Employer Branding

Heart meets head.

To be honest, we are not seeking to a war. We are seeking to avoiding one. Can we prevent the “war for talents” with employer branding? Why is employer branding something different than personnel marketing? Why is it always about “right or wrong” and not about “I like it” and “I don’t like it” And why is employer branding not done when the campaign rolls out?
We believe that the employer brand is an artificial, fractal construct. And therefore it’s never finished. We will help you to get it off the ground initially, and then we’ll continually check upon and resharpen it – just like the communication. That is why we believe in a balanced trinity between employer branding, employer shaping and employer marketing.

Average ideas often come with ease. For good ones, you will have to fight.

The job market is a me-too market. Let us find out together what exactly defines you as a company. This is the basis for an authentic and sustainable employer brand, which is strong enough to weather all trends and changes in the market.


  • is the foundation on which to build a positive employer identity
  • Systematically collect and connect the perspectives of the company management, employees and external target audiences with one another systemically as part of an analysis phase
  • Assess the potential for differentiation from competitors
  • Compress all results to one core appeal – the Employer Value Proposition


  • Make sure to establish a positive employer identity in the hearts and minds of internal and external target audiences
  • Transfer the core appeal to a creativity concept, communication strategy and target audience-specific core messages
  • Ensure the operative use of suitable means, media and measures in the entire employer brand cycle
  • … For example internal and external communication, university marketing, social media, recruiting and promotional films, job ads or entire ad management


  • is the ongoing quest to maintain and strengthen a positive employer identity
  • Consequently, the focus becomes the optimisation potential of l every-day working life
  • Creating (new) evidence of the sent or to-be-sent employer promises


In principle, all projects are individual.m Thanks to the modular project building blocks , we will compile an individualised solution for you. For example, if some of the preliminary work like developing an EVP has already been done, existing data should be included, if a new public appearance is planned or if one target audience is to be targeted specifically. In these, and many other cases, we are gladly available to you as advisers, project partners or complete service providers – the choice is yours.


Kick Off Your project will start on-site at your location. The kick off serves to jointly define the approach and the project plan. Furthermore, your goals are specified. We define the target audiences relevant for the project together, and you give us a view of your current recruitment marketing activities. Review We examine your available materials regarding EVP, corporate brand, employee surveys etc. Building on this is an initial identification of attractive features and brand attributes as the basis for the subsequent assessment. EVP workshop Following this, we are committed to a joint EVP workshop with you. The depth of the content will be adjusted to the previous phases. Analysis phase The analysis is adjusted to the scope of your project: National. International. Bottom up. Top down. We examine secondary materials for target audience analyses, conduct telephone interviews, focus groups or joint workshops. Compressing, finalising & EVP Afterwards, the results are analysed, compared and compressed regarding your organisation (Where do I work?), the activities (What do I do?), the culture (How does that feel?) and the conditions (What do I get in exchange?). We conduct your EVP with regards to content, provide a comprehensive description and document it appropriately.


Communication strategy Based on the previous project steps, together we develop a fundamental communication strategy for the coming years. According to your objectives and budget, we guide the overarching communication idea for your target audiences while considering your values, mindset and communication behaviour. Campaign idea The final step is developing a campaign idea that transfers your idea into images and language. We won’t just grab something pre-made for this, instead we’ll “build” your campaign exactly the way it needs to be for you: Customised, productive, but also bold. And sometimes different from what you might have expected. Execution Form follows function: No matter whether photo or video production. Whether for a website, leaflet, trade-fair appearance or experiential communication. Whatever your project might require, the tools are always made according to the jointly designed strategy.

How can we help you?

Employer brand management with milch & zucker

Together with you, we will make cause and effect relationships in the field of “Searching for, finding and retaining employees” visible. We make sure the individual fields work together successfully, enable you to specifically measure performance and provide a purposeful focus for your employer marketing activities. Data sheet: Employer Branding (2.6 MB)

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