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20 Feb

HR OPEN Standards – Spring Community Meeting

The European members of the HR-Open-Standards Consortium will meet at the end of February for the Spring Community Meeting in Gießen. At this free event, you can find out why we need standards for data exchange, why they are so important for the European industry, and how they can be successfully integrated into your own company. Dr. Olena Linnyk will lead our keynote session on "AI Solutions for Digital HR".
Ingolf Teetz (CEO, milch & zucker and Board of Directors, HR Open Standards), Dr Olena Linnyk (AI specialist, milch & zucker), Andrew Cunsolo, (President, HR Open Standards), Jan-Willem van der Boom (Board of Directors, HR Open Standards)
milch & zucker - Talent Acquisition & Talent Management Company AG Friedrich-List-Straße 23 35398 Gießen - Germany