Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting the milch & zucker website. Protecting your privacy and personal information is very important to us! Therefore, compliance with the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG), as well as other data protection regulations is our highest priority. We want you to know what data we store and how we use it. What data will be stored?
Each time you access the milch & zucker website or any of the content stored on it, certain information about this action will temporarily be stored and processed in a log file. This consists of:
  • IP address
  • Date and time of access
  • Accessed page/name of requested file
  • Accessed page/name of the requested file
  • Report on whether access/request was successful
How is your data processed?
Any personal information you provide us with will only be used to respond to your enquiries and to process contracts concluded with you, as well as any services and the technical administration required for this. Your personal information will not be passed on to third parties.

Information, processing, revocation and storage 
Upon written request we will provide you with information about what the personal data we have stored about you.

You are also given the opportunity to revoke your consent or amend, block or delete any personal information with future effect at any time. Exceptions to this are the data which we exclusively require to process contracts concluded with you and for technical administration or the enforcement of our rights or rights of third parties.    

Any data that we are obliged to store will be permanently erased following the expiry of the statutory storage period or, otherwise, immediately after the purpose for which it has been stored no longer applies. 

Furthermore, you are entitled to revoke any consent given to the collection, processing and use of your personal information with future effect at any time.

Revocation and other requests should be sent to::

milch & zucker AG
Friedrich-List-Straße 23
35398 Gießen
Tel: +49 641 300 20 500
Fax: +49 641 300 20 565
E-Mail: privacypolicy@milchundzucker.deWhat else should I know?
With the help of cookies and other technology we can collect additional information that helps us to adapt our website to better suit your wishes. This information is not analysed on an individual basis, but stored anonymously. 

 This website uses Piwik, an open-source software that statistically analyses visitor access. Piwik uses so-called cookies and text files that are stored on your computer to enable it to analyse the use of the website. The information produced by the cookies about your use of this internet service is stored on the provider’s server in Germany. The IP address is anonymised immediately after the information is processed and before storage. You may prevent the installation of cookies by adjusting your browser software. We would like to point out, however, that if you choose to do so, you might not be able to make full use of all the functions on this website.External links
This website contains links to external websites, such as manufacturer websites. Upon access to these external websites your personal information will not be passed on. As soon as you have accessed that website, the privacy policy of that particular company applies.Changes to the privacy policy?
We reserve the right to amend this privacy policy in the future on grounds of technical or legal changes. You can access the current status of the policy on this page at all times. In the event that we wish to use your personal information in any way other than stated in the privacy policy at the time of registration, we will obtain your consent beforehand.  PUBLIC PROCEDURAL DIRECTORY according to Section 4g, paragraph 2 of the Federal Data Protection Act

The Federal Data Protection Act stipulates in Section 4, paragraph 2, clause 2 that the data protection officer must make the following information available to anyone in an appropriate manner, in accordance with Section 4e, clause 1, number 1:

1. Name of company responsible
milch & zucker
Talent Acquisition & Talent Management Company AG

2. Executive Board:
Ingolf Teetz, Kai Pawlik, David Rosenberg
Data protection officer: Gorana Tokic-Herrmann

3. Address of company responsible:
Friedrich-List-Straße 23
35398 Gießen
Tel: +49 641 300 20 500
Fax: +49 641 300 20 565

4. Intended purpose of data collection, processing or use:
The objectives of the company are eRecruiting and marketing, as well as any other associated ancillary activities. Secondary purposes include accompanying or supporting functions, in particular personnel, intermediary, supplier and service provider administration.

5. Description of the groups of people concerned and the relevant data or data categories:
The following specified, personal data or data categories will be collected, processed and/or used to fulfil the purposes mentioned under number 4:

The entire order data processing is exempt from the disclosure requirements, as the customer is solely responsible for these data.

  • Customers (address data, incl. telephone, fax and e-mail data, information, bank details)
  • Interested parties/non-customers (address data, areas of interest, bidding data)
  • Applicants (primarily application details, details of professional career, education and qualifications)
  • Employees, trainees, interns, executive board, former employees, diploma students: contract, master and accounting data (details of private and business addresses, area of activity, salary payment, date of birth, name and age of family members where relevant for social security benefits, income tax data, bank details, assets entrusted to the employee)
  • Data on personnel management; timekeeping data; communication data, transponder management data, holiday data; if applicable, category of driving licence and processing and monitoring transactions as well as technical systems. Sales representatives/agencies (address, business and contractual data; contact information)
  • Suppliers/service providers (address data, contact coordination, bank details, contractual data; schedule management data, accounting and performance data)
6. Recipients:
Public authorities who receive data on grounds of statutory obligations (for example, social security institutions, financial authorities, supervisory authorities).

Internal departments that are involved in carrying out the relevant business processes (in particular: personnel management, bookkeeping, accounting, purchasing, marketing, general management, sales, telecommunications and EDP).

External contractors for conducting the order data processing in accordance with Section 11 of the Federal Data Protection Act. Other external bodies such as credit institutions, tax advisers, insurers (salary payments, companies, insofar as the person concerned has declared written consent or the transmission of data is permitted in some other overriding interest).

7. Standard periods for the deletion of data:
The legislator prescribes a variety of obligations and deadlines concerning the retention of data. Following the expiry of these deadlines, the corresponding data is routinely deleted. Any data that are not subject to these regulations are deleted if the stated purposes under number 4 do not apply.

8. Planned transfer of data to third countries:
At present there is no planned transfer of data to third countries. In the event that a planned transfer of data to third countries in exceptional cases is required, this will only be carried out in accordance with statutory admissibility requirements in accordance with Sections 4b and 4c of the Federal Data Protection Act. 

Status: January 2018