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Say hello to JobStairs. A whole different kind of job portal.

JobStairs is simply a great job portal. But it also offers much more: Simple, transparent pricing, automated processes and useful add-ons. Enjoy a flat rate-based model including …
  • Placing as many job ads as you want, with no time limit
  • Employer branding – All ads designed based on your corporate design
  • JobStairs InstantPage – a small content management system that allows you to create up to five unique landing pages for special occasions
  • JobStairs BetterAds – Your AI-supported ad analysis cockpit, to predict the potential success of your job ads even before you place them
  • JobStairs Community – Automatically become part of the tech and recruiting community and take an active part in further developing JobStairs and technological issues
  • as well as automated multi-posting for 3.50 euros per job ad, geo-coding of all ads for Google4Jobs, BKZ classification for automatic posts at the Federal Employment Agency and your custom company profile.

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JobStairs – The Top Company Portal

Finding the right applicant is anything but simple for companies nowadays. The following questions are important to you in the process: Where and how can you optimally reach the right people? How can you get applicants excited in your company? And: How can candidates be retained in the long term? JobStairs is tailored specifically to the recruiting needs of especially successful companies, as well as large brand providers. Our services are distinguished by innovative technology, attractive special features and the highest quality standards. This allows applicants to be reached, enticed and retained perfectly.

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