Talent Acquisition


Modern organizations need integrated strategies for attracting, hiring, and retaining top candidates. In other words, systematized sourcing concepts – from employer branding, ingenious marketing strategies and concepts, to the integration of active sourcing.

Talent Management


In addition to the right strategy, technology is needed to reach and recruit the right candidates, and to accompany them into the organisation itself. Systematic, structured, effective, but still customised to the organisation and its needs.

What We Do for You

HR Marketing

  • EVP Development & Employer Branding Strategies
  • Personnel Marketing / Sourcing measures
  • Careers Websites
  • Ad Management
HR Software

  • Applicant Management Software
  • Candidate Relationship Marketing
  • Global Job Board Solutions
  • Multiple Postings

Who we are

Creatively serious & seriously creative – that probably describes us best. Since 1998, two hearts have been beating in our chest: The software heart and the communication heart. milch & zucker systematically supports companies in searching for, approaching, choosing and retaining the right employees. With the right strategy, tailored communication & efficient recruiting software. We are a stock company, independent, owner-operated and we all work on a first-name basis.

What we believe in

We believe that modern organisations require multi-dimensional solutions. That standardisation and customisation do, in fact, go well together. That our our “Made in Germany” recruiting suite is definitely compatible with international demands. That the right communication results in even better preparatory work. No matter whether that starts with the correct briefing or the correct brand strategy.

How we work

We don’t like listening to ourselves talk. We prefer to listen to others. Not only to our customers, but their target audiences, too. We are critical, never satisfied and sometimes uncomfortable – if we are allowed to be. Because it will always be possible to be a little bit more precise. A bit more striking. A bit better. A bit easier. A bit more systematised. Maybe not today – but tomorrow.
We have been doing what we do since before the new spelling reforms were accepted with reservations, back when Bill Clinton had had no sexual relations to Monica Lewinsky, when 16 years of a Helmut Kohl government came to an end and the 1. FC Kaiserslautern won the German championship after being promoted. Since then, some wonderful customer relationships have emerged.

A big thanks to:

Accenture – Ahold – Baloise – BASF – Bayer – Bezirkskliniken Mittelfranken – Boehringer Ingelheim – Bechtle – Bertelsmann – Bosch – BP – Caritas Verband Olpe – Carl Zeiss – Cassini – CKC Group – Commerzbank – Credit Suisse – Daimler – Deloitte – Deutsche Bank – Deutsche Flugsicherung – Deutsche Lufthansa – Deutsche Telekom – DPD – Elbkinder – Eligo – E.ON – E-PLUS Gruppe – FAZ.NET – F. Hoffmann-La Roche – Fraport – Flughafen Hamburg – Fuchs Petrolub – Giesecke & Devrient – GIZ – Hannover Rück – HanseWasser – Haufe Gruppe – Hornbach – Hugo Boss – Jet Aviation – JobStairs – Julius Berger – Karstadt – KfW – Kuka – Manor – Milupa – Nationale Suisse – OBI – Otto Group – Porsche – PricewaterhouseCoopers – Puma – Ravensburger – Rücker – Siemens – Sixt – Stadtwerke Bielefeld – Software AG – Swiss International Airlines – Tchibo – TÜV Hessen – Union Investment – Universitätsklinikum Heidelberg – Vetter Pharma – WDR – Zalando – Zeppelin


Ingolf Teetz, CEO
David Rosenberg, COO
Kai Pawlik, CCO



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