Candidate Experience

Candidate meets expectation.

Nowadays, applicants want to build a personal relationship with their potential employer. And that’s before they’ve even started work! That means a bit of trust in advance from both sides. The expectations, real experiences and emotions of candidates increasingly influence the success of recruitment. “Candidate experience” is a consistent, applicant-oriented way of thinking, which you as a company should take to heart so as not to lose your connection to the rare commodity of the “right candidates” in the long term. With a bad candidate experience, you not only harm your image, you will simply lose the fight for the right candidates.
  • Important: job search optimised for mobile devices. 60% of people under 30 search on mobile devices
  • Important: Avoid media disruption. Speed can influence a decision for or against your company.
  • Important: Talent relation from the application to onboarding. As a recruiter, you are at the forefront of sales, too.
  • Important: Talent relation once again: Make any contact your contact. 80% of all applicants share their results with friends and acquaintances.

You invest a lot of time and budget in your candidate experience. Then, at the crucial moment, you abandon it?

Your careers website is the key element and landing spot for all your personnel marketing measures. So, applicant management software working in the back office should reduce manual administrative efforts and support internal processes. With the BeeSite Global JobBoard, you will now benefit from an excellent premium job search, with which you can prevent media disruption and provide your candidates with a standardised experience of your employer brand.

Career websites

Talent Acquisition will meet Talent Management on your careers website. Interest becomes applications. A good careers website will not only show candidates your vacancies, it will take them by the hand. It offers them quick information on all relevant topics and, most importantly, will lead them to the application quickly and systematically. We will accompany you during the technological and editorial design of your website. We will implement it together, from the design and text requirements, to the SEO. Careers websites with milch & zucker have been occupying top spots in various rankings for over 17 years.

Candidate Communication

Communication with candidates does not end with a visit to your careers website. On the contrary. That is when it really starts. As the right candidate communication is a deciding factor during every recruiting process. A large part of the decision to join the application or selection process is dependant on the first, second and third impression that you leave. In times of skills shortages, you cannot afford to lose candidates due to insufficient communication. We will not only optimise your employer marketing communication, but we will also analyse every single point of contact with candidates with you to look for potential optimisation. Content, form or processes.

BeeSite Global JobBoard

With the BeeSite Global JobBoard, we optimise the candidate experience of corporations that work with different systems. The Global JobBoard equips existing recruiting systems with a highly functional front end system to allow for an intuitive search compliant with corporate design for suitable vacancies – especially when using multiple applicant management systems. The consequently consistent global job search will seamlessly integrate into your careers website.

More services and solutions

  • Job portals for internet and intranet
  • Candidate Self Services
  • Landing pages/Microsites
  • SEO / SEM Mobile optimisation

How can we help you?

Candidate experience solutions by milch & zucker

Together with you, we will create a concept to optimise the candidate experience of your communication and recruiting measures. Potentials for optimisation can be found in the areas of processing speed, transparency, feedback culture, information policy and authenticity.

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