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HR Management Conference 2018 – Meet milch & zucker

26 and 27/06/2018BerlinSession: Artificial Intelligence in Recruiting – Between Hype and RealityIngolf Teetz will describe some scenarios for using AI in recruiting, what the advantages are, why standards are important, and whether ideas about chatbots and neural networks can stand [...]
Artificial intelligence in recruiting

milch & zucker topic series: “Artificial intelligence in recruiting”

“Siri, how do I get to the nearest gas station?” or “OK Google, how tall is the Eiffel tower?”Voice assistants like the ones available from Amazon, Apple or Google are becoming a more and more important part of our everyday [...]
milch & zucker Hamburg

Our Hamburg location

Seit 20 Jahren auch im hohen Norden. Moin! Our crew in Hamburg is a small, yet mighty group of specialists focused on topics like digital design (Web-Design, UX, GUI), application prototyping, app development and project management for the Top Company [...]