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BeeSite Recruiting Edition - Best Applicant Tracking Software for Companies 2018

BeeSite® is the best e-recruiting software of 2018 for Group companies

For the third time in a row: BeeSite® has been named the “Best Applicant Management Software of 2018”.For customers, the solution optimally fulfils key everyday needs. According to over 900 study respondents, the solution fulfils a majority of key criteria. [...]

20 years of milch & zucker – A look back at the year 1998

1998, the year in which our communication and software hearts began to beat together, the year we saw the light of day as a company. Although rather short names such as Lea, Julia, Jan and Tim were trendy at the [...]
milch & zucker – with locations in Hamburg map

The milch & zucker location journey (Part 1: Hamburg)

Years of moving – once across the cityAfter getting our start in Hamburg, we immediately occupied a joint office in 1998 on the ground floor of a slaughterhouse (1 in the Karolinen Quarter. There, Michael Palmen already had a joint [...]