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Stephan Müller Director of Sales at milch & zucker

Sales offensive

New Director of Sales on board. Stephan Müller. Director of Sales. That’s almost a year of professional experience in the IT industry for every letter! We are very proud to be adding you to our team, Stephan. Stephan moved into [...]
milch & zucker at ICR Recruiting Trends 2021

March recruiting trends

Recruiting trends in March. Is there such a thing as diversity AI? Back in 1973, the USA proved* that gender-specific formulations in job advertisements could keep women from applying for them, and result in discrimination. Today, in 2021, we have [...]

Regional recruiting, in-house.

Follow Elbkinder’s example. Rethinking regional recruiting.How to use our intuitive content management system InstantPage to create project-specific landing pages in a flash. Including automatic integration of all open positions, instantly,Everything you need is already included.Instantly – Just like the name [...]