Posts on February 2019

The 3rd gender and forms of address

Dear Mr./Ms. …But what about diversity? Gender-neutral forms of address and their use in the e-recruiting process.Following a resolution by the Bundestag, all registers of personnel must offer a third gender option as of 2019. Gender-neutrality in recruiting is important to [...]

Recruiting Glossary – Ontology

The term “ontology” originally comes from philosophy and means “doctrine of being”. Since the 1990s, it has also been used in IT research in the field of artificial intelligence where it designated formal representation systems. These serve to bring knowledge [...]
AI Milestones

Milestones in artificial intelligence

From Turing to hair appointmentsArtificial intelligence is a key trend – but how did it all start? Here are the most important events. 1950195119561960196619791997201120162018 It all started with the Turing test Der britische Mathematiker Alan Turing developed a process for [...]