brand eins topic - Germany`s most innovative companies 2019

Innovator of the year? That’s us! For the 4th time in a row!

Getting a letter from brand eins and Statista during the first quarter has become something of a tradition. Curious, we tear open the envelope and – drum roll – we did it again! milch & zucker is one of Germany’s [...]

The 3rd gender and forms of address

Dear Mr./Ms. …But what about diversity? Gender-neutral forms of address and their use in the e-recruiting process.Following a resolution by the Bundestag, all registers of personnel must offer a third gender option as of 2019. Gender-neutrality in recruiting is important to [...]

Recruiting Glossary – Ontology

The term “ontology” originally comes from philosophy and means “doctrine of being”. Since the 1990s, it has also been used in IT research in the field of artificial intelligence where it designated formal representation systems. These serve to bring knowledge [...]
AI Milestones

Milestones in artificial intelligence

From Turing to hair appointmentsArtificial intelligence is a key trend – but how did it all start? Here are the most important events. 1950195119561960196619791997201120162018 It all started with the Turing test Der britische Mathematiker Alan Turing developed a process for [...]

Recruiting Glossary – Taxonomy

Taxonomy is a model or procedure used to classify objects. The objects can be living organisms, things or even terms that are classified according to specific criteria in categories or classes. An example of a taxonomy is the classification of [...]
BeeSite Recruiting Edition - Best Applicant Tracking Software for Companies 2018

BeeSite® is the best e-recruiting software of 2018 for Group companies

For the third time in a row: BeeSite® has been named the “Best Applicant Management Software of 2018”.For customers, the solution optimally fulfils key everyday needs. According to over 900 study respondents, the solution fulfils a majority of key criteria. [...]

20 years of milch & zucker – A look back at the year 1998

1998, the year in which our communication and software hearts began to beat together, the year we saw the light of day as a company. Although rather short names such as Lea, Julia, Jan and Tim were trendy at the [...]
milch & zucker – with locations in Hamburg map

The milch & zucker location journey (Part 1: Hamburg)

Years of moving – once across the cityAfter getting our start in Hamburg, we immediately occupied a joint office in 1998 on the ground floor of a slaughterhouse (1 in the Karolinen Quarter. There, Michael Palmen already had a joint [...]

Students do things: Eighth grade from Ricarda Huch School gets exciting insights into our work world

Today, at 9:30am, it was time: Eighth graders from Ricarda Huch School in Gießen had the opportunity to come and see us. It was a get-acquainted get-together of a slightly different kind, initiated by teacher Mrs. Lusaper Witteck and by [...]
Matching Technology

Recruiting Glossary – Matching

Matching in recruiting means matching the requirements of a job with the qualifications of an applicant according to specified criteria. The simplest form of matching means checking whether the criteria are being met or not. For example, “Has completed their [...]